We Listen to You

Whatever your nonprofit is about, we'll listen and help you get it represented online in a way you can be proud of sharing

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We Put It Together

Once we know what you you're about and how you want it presented we get to work putting it together and getting it online

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We Host It

Once we have that website built we host it, for free. Not for a month. Not for some trial period. For Free, forever. No hidden fees. Ever.

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Are We Crazy?

We know what it's like to have a cause you care about. You get moved to action and decide to get involved making a difference in the world.

Then reality sets in and there are tings to do you never imagined that would be involved just so you could bring your new purpose into being. It can be overwhelming.

That's where we can help. We have been in the online business longer than Google. We may not be able to help with everything you'll need to get done but we can build websites.

Let us at least get this one important thing off your plate. We'll build it and host it so you can focus on other things like raising awareness and money for your cause.


Websites Free For Nonprofits

Next Steps...

Look, we know it sounds to good to be true and to be to be perfectly honest the response we get will determine for how long and for how many we can make this offer. Best not wait...